Baptism!!! and heating the water for it

hey everyone.

so a lot to go through sorta. this week was a good one for us and then this coming week seems to be full of stuff too. so the work goes on, like the energizer bunny.

so this saturday medalith cueva cachique got baptized. yayaya her. we're very happy and excited for her and her now complete Mormon family. so they can live happily ever after in the gospel. no but seriously it was not easy getting her baptized. not that she was hard just that she was saying all this week that she wanted a firmer response to her prayers and then when she decided ya I'm going to, she told us that she has a health issue with cold water. and of course hot water in the winter time here is impossible to find. so me and elder medina spent all saturday afternoon at the church trying to find a way to heat up water faster than boiling water and dumping it in. so we had heard that there is a way to do it with the electricity of the outlets. so we, being the smart young men that we are, decided it was worth the risk and decided to try it. mom and amanda you may not wanna read this part. so we got two long electric cables, one really long metal pole, and a plastic pole to keep the metal pole up. got the experiment set up. then elder medina who knows a little bit about the stuff put in the first cable in the outlet. cool. nobody died, no problems. but when he put in the second.... spark and all the lights in the church go out. all of them. but he didn't die. so that's the good part. and neither did i. in the end we decided the best way to heat up water isn't with electricity and a metal pole. so we spent 3 hours boiling water and in the end she was baptized in basically still cold water. but she did it.

so ya. outside of that, this week was a good one. we put baptism goals for four other people. one for this sat, one for the 20 and two for the 27th. so this month seems to be the fruit of our labors month. and we are very grateful. in part it has to do with our new sense of desire to end here with all our heart, mind, might and anything else you can think of. we plan on four more this month and pray that it'll happen. the people who have the goals are called... jonathon peralta, veronica, alicia yaguna, and karin dabilla. all four are great people. veronica is our neighbor and contacted us about wanting to be a part of a religion and wants to learn more. gold. jonathon a reference from a member. also gold. alicia is the niece of the lady we baptized in feb. she's like silver and karin, the sister of a member, also silver. so in the end we are excited for the opportunity to have such high priced peoples, because it seems like all we've been finding was those dirt rocks that break up in your hand. but now everyone is valuable to us. our eyes have changed and we see them a little like God does. just hope they do their part so we can do ours.

so ya some good good lessons this week. the best one with medalith. we were at her house and she was saying how she had decided not to get baptized. we didn't have an appointment that day but felt like we should visit her. anyways, after teaching her a little bit we decided to kneel and pray and ask right there if she should or not. the spirit was so strong that as we kneeled me and elder medina could feel she would get an answer. apparently she did too, because as we kneeled before we even started praying she said, i know i need to get baptized we don't need to pray. it was something else really.

ya so today i got to find our more about bolivia. did my last paper work for it or so they say. for sure ill be leaving before the next cambio the 6th of july but it could be the last week of june or the first of july. so i will finish my one year here in solidaridad which makes me very happy. and i will be going to bolivia which also makes me very happy. in the end I'm oober excited for everything that's going one. it is hard though, its been hard. but I've always had just the right amount of help at just the right time. funny how God works. no testimony till after the trial of your faith.

so tomorrow we have interviews with the president. hes gonna burn me for a couple of things probably. not having a new room and for getting back late last week but we have five people getting baptized this month so we are working. in the end he won't be able to burn us to bad. my district had four this week. were just amazing i think. the other here are such great missionaries it's amazing.

so i would write more but my time is almost up. thanks for everything and all your help.

o and i got one of the 3 packets u sent. the office said they got the other two but can't find them. the missionary in charge is looking but lost my packets. we'll see if he finds them. I'll let ya know. i got the one with the card but the password or pin number isn't the same. did you change it. anyways let me know. talk to everyone later. bye


Anonymous said...

OK, electricity and the metal pole. You know the Church is true because he is not dead.


Anonymous said...

Lilly, you didn’t read the bad part did you?

Ed Elliott

Anonymous said...

It is hard to believe he has been out almost a year.