Send me Letters

so hey everybody.

don't have to much to write i think but I'm sure i'll fill it up with something. if only because mom will get mad if i don't. but that's a good enough reason for me.

so this week we put two people with fecha for the 12 of sept. one is faustina who is about 22 years old and speaks very little spanish. understands it though which is y we can teach her. but she's living with some members and is excited. the other is a golden child. 9 years old and ready. so we should have two even though, like with bryce, the baptisms always come hard. you always gotta fight for them. but it's worth it.

so outside of them, we didn't find too many new people to teach and it's getting hard. we still are working and visiting the members and helping a lot. there were close to 4 inactive families who went to church this week on top of the 6 investigators there. but 3 of the six have told us that they don't even want us to talk about baptism. kinda funny. they go every week and most people think they are members but because the missionaries b4 us would always hound them to get baptized they have a bad idea of what it is. we are trying to be their friends more and then, hopefully, they see that we don't want them to get baptized for more numbers or anything like that but because we know that it'll really help them. in any case it'll be really fun working here

and like i said last week the leaders just don't give you a break. this week we were working a lot in the bottom part of our area which is huge. the are so many members and they want to go but have to pay between 40 and 50 bolivianos each family to go to church every week. needless to say it's hard to get them there. and then the leaders here say just teach them about sacrifice. in all honesty from my point of view the church should be able to help after the members do everything they can. it's funny cause even though almost all the members down there are inactive they give us more references and work with us more than all the members in the upper part. but that's life. we're trying to find some way to make everyone happy.

o and amanda just soes you know and this isn't just applying to amanda, but anyone when i say write me a letter you don't need to send it through my mom. you can write directly to me. or at least I'm 95 percent sure. all the other missionaries receive letters so i don't think the pres holds a special grudge against me. but thank you mom for always being willing to do that.

and just soes you know yes i have gotten dear elders. on thursday they gave me a bunch so you can send those too.

ok that's about all i think. bye

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